thattallgirl2 asked: hey:) do you think you can check out my luke bryan collab blog? <3 its called drunkonlukebryan we just started it, so we don't have much pictures, but its getting there! haha

sure thing!


Luke Bryan and Jake Owen…

Oh yeah, Luke is 100% sober.

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maplelattes-blackdresses asked: Incredibly jealous of your Luke Bryan story! It sounds like he'd be a lot of fun live :) They sold out of tickets here really fast, which is insanely

He is EXTREMELY good live! If you ever get the chance you must go see him! But awww I hate when that happens :( It sucks


thattallgirl2 asked: I would totally pass out, I think I'm gonna pass out the second I see him in person.. legit lol

Haha we were there 5 or 6 hours before the concert started to make sure we would get front row. They were first come, first serve seats. But we got to hear him do soundcheck cause it was an outdoor venue and we could hear him singing then, so it was like two concerts for the price of one!

thattallgirl2 asked: sdjafhjklds I would legit die. omg if I touched his leg, I would just faint!!! I was watching a performance on youtube and he kissed a girls hand!!!! hfsldahfs <3

If he kissed my hand my life would be complete. I would seriously pass out.

thattallgirl2 asked: OMG U GOT TO TOUCH HIS HAND hfekadsaghdl I"m so jealousss. and me and stoptalkingtomecreep r best friends and we r going to his concert <3 lkfdhsal I can't.. I just can't jkfsdhal xD

Hahaha it was pretty amazing. And then he stood ontop of the speakers and we both kinda grabbed his leg.. whoops haha but it was awesome. I actually touched his hand twice. I pretty much died

letspretendsummerneverends asked: omg guys. this blog, is my life. luke bryan is like air. sexiest man on earth. my best friend and i got tickets to see him and we're so excited alkjhdlskj <3 could not be more thankful to you guys for making this blog. his voice is freaking perfect <3

Oh no problem!! Sydney and I have both seen him in concert twice and once we both had front row seats.. he touched our hands.. it was perfection <3